About Us

Picture of the Pastor and His Family

Welcome From the Pastor:

       Thank you for visiting the website of the United Pentecostal Church located in Dumas, Texas. Your presence at this site shows that you have an interest in this church and a desire to serve God in Truth. Choosing the right church and place of worship is a major decision. This search is something to prayerfully consider as it truly is an issue with eternity at stake. Unfortunately, many people choose a church based on their personal preferences and not on the Word of God. The question is then: what should I look for in a church?

       To answer this question, let me point out that the leading picture on our website is an open Bible. This was not chosen randomly. In fact, it is a firm statement of what we believe. We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God (II Peter 1:21). While written many years ago, it is a timeless book and still speaks to us today. Jesus himself stated, “…man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” (Matt. 4:4). That word is recorded in our Bibles.

       Therefore, we place an emphasis on the Word of God and our obedience to it. You will find that we preach and teach the scripture. It is His Word that brings faith (Romans 10:17) and healing (Psalm 119:20) and reveals the will of God to us.

       Please look at this website and feel free to contact us for more information. I highly encourage you to read and review our beliefs page.

       While I hope that this website helps to answer your questions, it still remains that the best way to get to know a church is to attend it. We, the United Pentecostal Church, warmly invite you to attend one of our services. We look forward to meeting you.

May God direct you in your search,

 - J. Maratta, Pastor